About the artist

Jean J. Campbell comes from a family of artists but is herself  largely self taught. She specializes in the process of Fused & Stained glass and also produces multimedia pieces.  These decorative glass panels can be  incorporated into double glazed units if required.  She also works on larger fused glass items and produces bespoke fused glass jewellery.

Jean’s inspiration comes from her love of the hills and the sea and the ever changing colours due to the purity of the light and the clarity of the air that surrounds her home.  She is particularly interested in relationships between the elements – the very air, wind, fire and water that has moulded Scotland through the millennia. Her hope is to convey her interpretations of these and bring the scenery of rural/coastal Scotland into an urban situation in a unique form.

If you would like to discuss a class or a commission, please phone Jean on 07876 610423 or fill in the Enquiry Form on this website.